Acquisition Company targeting the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry across Europe, Israel and Asia with a management team with 25+ years expertise in public offerings & capital market transactions






20 minutes delay | Aug 8,2022 | 4.00 PM

About Us

We are a newly organized blank check company, incorporated on January 7, 2022 as a Delaware corporation, for the purpose of effecting a merger, share exchange, asset acquisition, share purchase, reorganization or similar business combination with one or more businesses or entities.

We intend to focus our search for a target business on technology companies that are deriving their growth from the electric vehicle (“EV”) technology, specifically the urban “smart” mobility industry.

Our management has been directly involved in successful IPOs and equity deals, raising more than USD 12.9 billion in combined deal size in the last 12 years and our Board has significant expertise in corporate reorganizations, private placements, debt restructuring and initial public offerings, as well as in investments, asset management and the incubation of businesses. We further distinguish ourselves through our ability to leverage our extensive global network of relationships within the automotive, financial and energy-related sectors, to facilitate our identification and assessment of opportunities effectively and efficiently.

While we may pursue a business combination target in any business, industry or geographic region, we intend to focus our search on businesses in the EV industry with a focus throughout Asia, Israel and Europe, however, we expressly disclaim any intent to and will not consummate a business.

Meet The Minds

Meet The Minds


At present over 4 billion people live in urban areas. According to the World Bank, this number will grow to 6.4 billion by 2050, representing two thirds of the world’s population. While cities will remain vital centers of commerce for the global population, the rapid urbanization increases many challenges cities are facing, such as straining infrastructure and resources, air and noise pollution, as well as transportation issues such as heavy influx, congestion and limited parking space, to name but a few.

To mitigate these challenges, urban mobility is going to see rapid change in the coming years, with EVs proliferating, ride sharing services continuing to grow and, eventually, autonomous vehicles “AV” entering urban fleets. Our aim is to provide impactful game-changing solutions to those global challenges and to contribute actively to a better tomorrow.



Our target acquisition strategy is focused on urban mobility solutions within the Europe, Israeli and Asia EV industries. We seek a target with a proven product, a clear go-to-market strategy with a robust business model and the ability to grow into a premium brand, supported by a 360-marketing activation. We expect to distinguish ourselves by targeting an established business with a clear first-mover advantage in addressing the challenges of urban mobility, ultimately a strong brand with a value proposition that connects with future consumers.


We seek a target which is able to disrupt conventional urban mobility by providing innovative and unique solutions in terms of size, safety, comfort and sustainability. Urban mobility solutions can be durable, intelligent and experiential. For each of those pillars we have a clear strategy in place, with comprehensive expectations towards our potential target.

* We expressly disclaim any intent to and will not consummate a business combination with a target business located in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Russia or Iran.